Young Generation

The Tamburica Oslip always tries hard to train up a young generation for the group. Therefore we consistently establish new children groups by inviting children in the age of seven to join a new group every second/third year.

Aim of the work with the children is not only to teach the notes and the technique of playing tamburica, but also to establish a new orchestra, so that the children are enabled to play all necessary instruments and scores to perform independently.

But same important as music and dance is the fostering of the Croatian language, on which TU places high value.

The children rehearse folk songs, little concert pieces and step by step they learn to dance the folkdances. In this way they get prepared well to join the main group.

Currently there are two children groups. One children group was found in year 2015 and incorporates 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls, who play tamburica the third year until now. The second children group with younger kids exists since September 2018 and includes 5 children. The children have even their own costumes, looking exactly like the one´s of the grown-ups. Their program contains diverse folk songs, small concert pieces and three dances.

Management of children’s groups

  • Ljuba Szinovatz
  • Alexandra Presich
  • Christiana Dannenmaier

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