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TU on Tour


The Tambuirca Uzlop visited many festivals all over Europe. But extensive tours also led the ensemble to other continents. On those journeys we circumnavigated the whole word, beginning from Japan, South Korea, China, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Oman and far over the Atlantic, to Canada and Brazil. With our music and our dances we took the culture and customs of our home country to any place in the word.

It was a great honour for the Tamburica Uzlop to be sent officially as cultural ambassador to many festivals and receptions in so many countries – performances, which will always be part of our most impressive and high rated memories.

Under the eyes of the Japanese successor to the throne the Tamburica Uzlop officially represented Austria at an important national festival in Japan – as only group from Europe.

In China the TV-station broadcasted parts of our performance on prime time, seen by apr. 500 millions of people.

And in Israel a group of senior citizens gave thanks to the members of the Tamburica Uzlop by saying: „With your performance the memories of our time in Austria became alive again, memories of a marvelous youth, which was curbed so cruelly. Anyway, what a cheerful memory! Thank you for that wonderful performance.”


Tours outside Europe Year
Canada 1983
Israel 1981, 1986, 1989
Japan 1990
Oman 1991
Turkey 1991
South Korea 2000
China 2002, 2007
Brazil 2004
Tours within Europe
Number of tours
Germany 20
Croatia 13
France 5
Hungary 5
Italy 4
Netherlands 2
Czech Republic 2
Slovakia 2
Poland 2
Macedonia 2
Switzerland 2
Belgium 1
Greece 1
Spain 1