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Ensemble TU

TU today

The folklore ensemble „Tamburica Uzlop“ (TU) was founded in 1962 and looks back on successful 50 years, years with many musical and social highlights and experiences – from buying the first instruments to international tours and performances in TV-shows. The Tamburica Uzlop is and was always keen to preserve and foster the Croatian tradition, the folk songs, the folk dances and the Croatian language.

Tamburica Uzlop Gruppenfoto

Hometown of TU is Oslip, a bilingual town in Burgenland, the most eastern province of Austria. Aside German the majority of the inhabitants speaks Burgenland-Croatian (an old Croatian language, spoken by the Croatian immigrants in Oslip since the year 1527).

The name of our society is comprised of the terms “Tamburica” and “Uzlop”. Uzlop is the Croatian name for Oslip. This name for the society was chosen, because it is the oldest, still common name of our hometown Oslip.


Agnes Jagschitz Agnes Lippl Alexandra PresichAlexandra Presich
Alexander RobitzaAlexander Robitza    Anna Robitza
Anna SchullerAnna Schuller Björn RothenburgerBjörn Rothenburger Catharina Ehrlich
Christina PresichChristina Presich Christina SchumichChristina Golubović Christiana DannenmaierChristiana Dannenmaier
Claudia Schindler Corinna SchusterCorinna Schuster Diana Jurkovits
Didi Jurkovits Felizitas PieberFelizitas Pieber Franz JagschitzFranz Jagschitz
Gabi WeinreichGabi Weinreich Gerald GerdenichGerald Gerdenich Isabella HöldIsabella Höld
Jivac Krupich Josef SchullerJosef Schuller Julia Jelleschitz
Julia Hamedinger Jürgen HaselbauerJürgen Haselbauer Karina SchrödlKarina Schrödl
Katharina Krupich Klaus Schindler Konrad Robitza Sen.
Konrad Robitza Krunoslav OriovichKrunoslav Oriovich Lara DannenmaierLara Dannenmaier
Ljuba Szinovatz   Markus PrennerMarkus Prenner
Martha Krupich   Mirko Szinovatz
Nicole Zahradnik Petra Prenner  Rene NagyRené Nagy
Robert Schindler Roland PetöRoland Petö Saraja HauptmannSaraja Hauptmann
Sarah Jelleschitz Simone Schumich Sofie Schuster
Theo Schneider Toni Robitza  Ulli StainerUlli Stainer
Ulli WeinreichUlli Weinreich Viki Stipsits Wolfgang Hauptmann
Angela Fabric
Christian Schumich
David Rainprecht
Gabriele Kasper
Helga Fuchs
Helga Schneider
Johanna Pint
Lisa Bauer
Noah Nagy
Manfred Fuchs
Marianne Gerdenich
Sabine Jelleschitz
Sabine Lippl
Slavica Maksimovic
Stevan Maksimovic